Final Fantasy III Checklist

Final Fantasy III checklist

About this guide

This is a spoiler-free (as much as possible) interactive checklist for Final Fantasy III (iOS/Android/Steam version) to help you track progress and avoid missing anything. It's not a walkthrough or a strategy guide, although it does contain instructions on getting things you could miss otherise. If you complete everything in this checklist, including the optional stuff, you will have collected every item in the game (100% treasure chest completion), defeated every enemy (100% bestiary completion) and completed every sidequest. This should also net you all achievements with the exception of "Jack Of All Trades" (level up all jobs for all characters to 99).

A couple of notes:

  • Checked/unchecked items are automatically saved between sessions using browser's local storage.

  • All checkboxes are for treasure chests unless otherwise indicated. Only opened chests count towards the achievement, items acquired in other ways do not.

  • means an item that can be picked up by zooming in the camera and examining the shining spot.

  • 💬

    means you need to talk to someone in order to get the item, fight the enemy or gain access to a location.

  • ⚔️

    means an enemy that you need to defeat to add to the bestiary (explicitly titled enemy lists don't use the label).

  • marks a boss.

  • ⚠️

    Warnings contain important information about something that can have serious negative consequences for your playthrough. Most often they're about losing access to a location, item or enemy, often permanently.

  • ℹ️

    Information is potentially helpful but not vital information, such as a shop selling a special item or when a quest becomes available at a certain location.

  • 🔎 Explanation is detailed information on where to find and how to access the item/character/location/etc. Click on the icon to display it.